Coffee table books

My digitally printed hard backed coffee table books are of the highest quality and are designed and laid out to capture the essence of your day. With a mixture of colour and black and white images to enhance the overall appearance they will provide easily accessible memories of your day.

At just under A3 in size with the option of a traditional dust jacketed cover, or printed hard cover, my books are all made to order. With each book containing up to 600 images on 200 pages you'll be able to re-live your whole day from the hair and makeup preparations, right through to the first dance the party and beyond.

Once I have created your initial book, subsequent copies can be easily ordered and delivered direct to your home or office.

First book (including design, layout, print and delivery): £500.00. Subsequent copies: £150.00.

Graphi Studio albums

The only problem with Graphi Studio albums is trying to decide which type of book you would like to order! With so many options to choose from it can be quite bewildering, but don't worry as I can take you through the options step by step to get you just the album you've always dreamed of having.

Choose the cover style you would like, whether that be in clear acrylic, leather or fabric and then how you would like to have it inscribed. Choose to have it embossed in gold or silver type to make it completely unique, or incorporate the type into the cover image itself.

You can also choose from a huge range of paper stocks, including photographic and textured papers each with different finishes such as gloss, matt and metallic effects.

You can even order mini albums - exact copies of your main album - to use as gifts for friends and family.

These albums are hand made in Italy, so they take a little longer to produce, around 8-10 weeks from date of order. With these albums I also work very closely with my clients to include the very best images from the wedding day itself and only order them when you are totally happy with the design layout.

These start at £800.00 for a 100 page album. This price would typically include an acrylic cover, the pages printed on glossy photographic paper and include a leather slip case.

iPhone and iPad e-books

Why not have a copy of your wedding album available to view at the touch of a button on your iPhone or iPad? Well now you can.

Once your wedding book has been created I can create a fantastic e-book just for you. At the touch of the screen turn the pages and enlarge the images. But most of all have your pictures with you wherever you go.

Order a hard back photo book and a version of it for iPhone and iPad as a package

Printed hard backed coffee table book + iPhone and iPad e-book versions: £550.00

iPhone and iPad e-books without the hard back printed book: £375.00

Digital photo albums

I can load all of your wedding images to a fabulous digital photo album for you to display at home.

My multimedia digital albums are really easy to use and unbranded so they'll fit seamlessly into your space. Add additional images and video if you like from friends or family, or leave it to scroll through an edited list of selected images.

The digital photo album has an 8inch screen, supports mp4/motion jpeg/AVI and mp3 files. It can play back high resolution video in either 4:3 or 16:9 aspect ratios and it has 2GB of memory with built in speakers and ipod connectivity. Remote control is also included and it can also be used as a clock, calendar and an alarm. Lots of good reasons to get one!

Most of all it's a brilliant way of displaying your images in your home.

Each digital photo album, pre loaded with all of your images: £195.00.