Music DVDs

Why not add a music dvd of all your images to your package?

I put all of your images into six individaual albums on your dvd so you can re-live all of those magical moments from your big day. The images simply fade in and out of each other whilst the music plays, bringing back all those fabulous memories.

A real favourite with my customers

What music can I choose?

Any thing you like, from Vagner to Van Halen! The choice is entirely up to you. All I need you to do is provide me with 7x music tracks in mp3 or mp4 format (you can easily email them to me and one of the seven should be an instrumental track for the menu on the dvd) and then just sit back and relax as your images apperar played back in HD on your TV, PC or laptop.

Oh and make sure you crank up the volume! Adding music to your images really does bring it all back to you.

The first music DVD is £150.00.
Subsequent copies are £40.00 each